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The Tailored Perfection Partner Program is for dealers that are looking to expand their medical offerings.


Whether you want to expand your services, win new clients, or improve customer retention, the sling collection from Tailored Perfection will be a great asset to your strategy.

Why partner with us?

Great referral model

Unlock additional revenue.

Access to premium slings

Enjoy the benefits of a streamlined supply chain.

Easy onboarding

Fast enrollment program with dedicated support.

Partner Success

What our partners say

“The healthcare institutions where we work testify to our personal and craftsmanship with a sense of perfection. The sling collection from Tailored Perfection have proven to be a perfect match with our market”

Heidi De VliegherHeidi De VliegherSales Manager ARDA Medical

"MSP Group is transforming healthcare by producing smarter and more affordable products and parts for the healthcare industry. With the premium line of slings from Tailored Perfection we offer perfect slings at an uncompelling price"

Leo DhanpatLeo DhanpatOwner MSP Medical

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