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To deliver perfect quality slings at the best price.

Why we are on a mission

The biggest risk to quality is price. Back in 2020 we saw an increase in low quality slings produced with little love. We took on the challenge to create premium slings at a low price.


By reinventing the supply chain Tailored Perfection delivers perfect slings that are fully made in Europe.

Our impact

Fastest supply chain

We develop, produce and deliver within one round.

100% made in Europe

We deliver slings that meet the highest industry requirements.

Strong on quality

But we are always soft on price.


Strong on quality. Soft on price.

Using premium quality materials our slings last longer, are safer and deliver a more comfortable transfer. By streamlining our productions process and shortening the supply chain we offer exclusive slings at a soft price.


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Uncompromising on shape. Best fit.

As needs, abilities and equipment vary we embrace differences and create a best fit for each client. By not compromising on shape we provide the best sling for each individual client.


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Unparalleled features. Standard for all slings.

We have reinvented slings with smart features. Each sling has been complemented with a colour code indication. Each edge and all loops of the sling are finished with a bright size color.


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Our advanced factory is based in Europe and is equipped with leading CNC sewing machines.


Each sling meets the exact number of stiches resulting in an extremely strong and safe sling.



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